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10 Queer Podcasts That Are So Good They’ll Make You Look Forward To Your Horrible Commute

January 08, 2018

"You’ve got baggage, I’ve got baggage and Estephanie and Lina have got baggage. But they are ready to get down and dirty to process all the baggage anyone has! Described as “2 Bronx Dominican AfroLatinas tryna be better and make you better too!” They are hilarious, so on point, and don’t shy away from some tough topics." -Corinne Werder at 


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12 Femme-Driven Latinx Podcasts To Help You Cope With 2017

October 18, 2017

Estephanie and Lena – two Bronx-based Afro-Dominicans – host this informative and highly entertaining podcast that tackles their baggage and yours. With episodes titled “You Ain’t Even The First Selena,” “We Got Alligators and Taylor Swift Coming Out of Toilets,” and “The Male Gaze: Why ya be doing this?” you can expect a dose of humor and a breakdown of important topics.- Manuel Betancourt at

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What We're Listening To This Week- From podcasts to playlists, what's playing in Team Shondaland's earbuds.

January 31, 2018

"Cathartic, informative, and fucking fun is how I would describe Bag Ladiez, a podcast made by Bronx-born, Afro-Latina friends Estephanie and Lina. Their goal is to take on their own baggage and help us work through ours, because as they note in their show description, "That shit is heavy AF." Bag Ladiez covers current events ("Currento Eventos"), culture, relationships, self-improvement — basically all the topics you rant, rave, cry, and cackle about with your friends. It’s also worth a listen because Lina and Estephanie bring important, underrepresented perspectives to the podcasting world. That, and also because processing the absurdity and joy of life is often best done with funny friends, and laden with expletives." — Molly Savard at 

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10 Podcasts Created by Afro-Latinx

January 23, 2018

I've begun a new series on my Instagram page called #TrueLifeYourAverageAfrolatina. Because again, there is no prototype, right? We come from all walks of life, with many different traits, hobbies, talents, and stories. I posted my first one on January 5th of this year (in search of podcasters) and thought it would be a good idea to share my findings with you all! If you want more info on each podcast, click on the podcast titles to be redirected to their Instagram at 

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Flava In Ya Ear: Latinx Podcasts To Drown Out White Noise

July 01, 2018

With episode titles like “2 Tired Ass B*tches” and “Univision Run Me My Money,” Bag Ladiez is the perfect podcast to listen to after a long day of having to code switch. Hosts Estephanie and Lina are sure to become your new Bronx, Dominic-omadres with their takes on everything from police brutality and anti-Haitianism in the DR to border policies and Kanye’s trashability. We can’t wait to tune in and hear what these Ladiez pull out the bag next.- Stephanie Ginese at

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27 Podcasts For The Commuter In You

Bag ladiez is a total girl podcast. I could see myself listening to it with my guy for about 4 minutes before he turned it off and put on his (very similar) "Rich Friend" podcast- also recommended. Bag Ladiez is a podcast where two afro-latinex women talk about pop culture, sexism (like their episode " me gusta," life as a brown person in the U.S., all kinds of struggles and lots of laughs. Their tag line? Welcome to bag ladies where we help you help us help you with your baggage, and boy, are they right. at 

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APRIL 2018 ~ ISSUE 3: Es Mu Cultura

April 01, 2018

Check us out on Es Mu Cultura! " Our names are Lina and Estephanie and we are two Dominican Afro-Latinx podcasters. We were both born and raised in the Bronx and have been friends since we were 10-years-old. Lina is currently living in Philadelphia where she is attending law school and Estephanie is a Bronx based artist and aspiring graphic novelist." at

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