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We are the Bag Ladiez. Let us help you help us help you with your baggage! 




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We are the Bag Ladiez 

Our names are Lina and Estephanie and we are two Dominican Afro-latinx podcasters. Bag Ladiez is a podcast about BAGGAGE: yours, mine, and ours. Through the podcast our goal is to help ourselves and our listeners by pushing ourselves to be vulnerable about the way that the world affects us and our ability to live our truest, most authentic lives. Being vulnerable is radical and necessary to build a more inclusive and better world. We talk about news, politics, a different baggage topic each week, and we crack hella jokes.


Cin Pim aka Estephanie is a storyteller & audio producer. When not writing or drawing,  she working on destroying the patriarchy. Born, and raised in the best city in the world: The Bronx. Her goal is to one day use artwork and stories to bring light to issues and injustice in the world. 


Rafaela Uribe aka Lina was born and raised in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, but has mad love for Philly where they resided for the past 4 years. She’s currently an attorney working in New York on civil rights impact litigation. She’s an aspiring writer, interested in social justice legal work, and always trying to learn more about radical political activism in all forms. When they’re not learning to practice radical vulnerability to dismantle the patriarchy you can find them curled up with a good book! 


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